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Debt Help

The type of assistance you require will depend mostly on the type of accounts you owe and your specific situation. For credit card debt and other unsecured bills like collection accounts, personal loans, and hospital bills, you can choose from the following options:

Debt Consolidation Programs

Also known as credit counseling, these are payment plans typically offered by non-profit agencies that aim to lower your interest rates and have you debt free in four to six years. As an initial first step, your counselor will do a budget analysis and determine whether your can your debts back yourself or if a debt management plan (DMP) is more appropriate for your situation. Simply fill out a form now for a free consultation!

Debt Relief Companies

Another option that is available for people is debt settlement. These services aim to settle your debts for less than you owe and when successfully completed, it is possible to get out of debt in as little as 12 to 36 months. The savings potential in debt settlement is more substantial than credit counseling, but there are other risks associated with this option, such as a likely credit score hit and the potential that one or more of your accounts won’t settle. To speak with someone more about this option, submit a form now! Get absolutely free and useful advice today!

Filing Bankruptcy

A last resort for many consumers, bankruptcy is certainly an option. Keep in my mind, however, that Chapter 7 bankruptcy stays on your credit for at least 10 years, and although Chapter 13 only stays on your credit for seven years, you still have to pay at least part of the debt back to your creditors. The advantage with filing bankruptcy of course is that you can eliminate your debt completely and for less than your other options for debt help.

Debt Consolidation Loans

With this option, you take out a loan, presumably at a lesser interest rate, to pay off all your other bills. Usually consolidation loans are taken out against some piece of property, most often your home, through a mortgage refinance or home equity loan, but there are unsecured consolidation loans, although they typically come with a higher interest rate.

Get Out of Debt Yourself

Getting out of debt on your own involves preparing a budget, setting a goal or timeline for when you would like to be debt free, and then making the necessary sacrifices to ensure it actually happens. For those who have manageable debt loads, but just need to be better disciplined about paying off their credit cards, doing it yourself is always the advisable solution.

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Access Receivables Management

Access Receivables Management is a debt collection agency which has developed innovative methods to do their work, is armed with experience and all set to take on the next challenge. They have experience in recovering dues for the commercial, dental, medical, insurance and education sector and have bagged quite a few awards for their excellent services. Read More >>

Cavalry Investments, LLC

Cavalry Investments, LLC is a firm that buys distressed consumer receivable portfolios. One of the trademarks of their business involves productive collection methodologies executed by staff who are well trained in the process. This combination of services allows them to provide high quality and low cost solutions to their customers. Read More >>

OSI Portfolio Services

OSI is a leading national company providing accounts receivables management services to their clients.  Company headquarters are located in St. Louis Missouri with operations in 25 states across the country as well as in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  OSI clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies. Read More >>

Debtors Calling at Work

Efforts to collect debts by creditors are often relentless.  The horror stories about the various Tactics and methods used by debt collection agencies for the purposes of collecting a debt are countless.  Those that have been subjected to these calls know that they can be both embarrassing and often times almost unavoidable. Read More >>