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OSI Portfolio Services

OSI is a leading national company providing accounts receivables management services to their clients.  Company headquarters are located in St. Louis Missouri with operations in 25 states across the country as well as in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  OSI clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies.  Their services have helped clients throughout the years improve their financial well being.  OSI has helped their clients put plans into place to increase employee retention, accelerate cash flow, lower operations costs and reduce bad debt expenses.  OSI is listed with the Better Business Bureau but does not have a rating at this time.

OSI employees over 6,000 associates and has revenues in the millions each year.  While there are several divisions of the company with one being Portfolio Services, their corporate family is focused on debt.  Collection of consumer debt and commercial debt and the managing of this debt is the companies’ backbone. The company purchases, manages and re-sells non-performing loan portfolios and other non performing accounts.  

The company is run with a strong mission and that is to be the best provider they can for all of their clients.  Employees of the company are held to high standards and must show respect and integrity on the job when dealing with clients, co-workers and anyone else they have company dealings with.  A strong work ethic and a willingness to learn is also required.  This strong employee stance it what keeps OSI ahead of its competitors.

OSI has over 50 years experience and can service just about any industry that works in any part of the Credit-to-Cash Cycle.  With debt skyrocketing across the country, they project to continue to grow and expand.  While jobs are being cut thorough out the nation, OSI continues to hire at an astounding rate. Employees at OSI are paid competitive salaries with bonus incentives, receive great benefits, can work flexible hours and have the ability to advance within the company. Employees also receive in depth training to help them perform their job at their fullest.  Communication and negotiation skills are highly emphasized in employee training.  Skills are also taught to help strengthen employee’s knowledge and efficiency. 

For those looking for services in the accounts receivable field, OSI can help.  They provide clients with assistance in collecting consumer debt and commercial debt.  They also work with credit grantors, purchasing and managing debt portfolios. Finally, OSI also partners with industry buyers, assisting them to find portfolios that will best suit their needs and turn a profit.     


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