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Cavalry Investments, LLC

Cavalry Investments, LLC is a firm that buys distressed consumer receivable portfolios. One of the trademarks of their business involves productive collection methodologies executed by staff who are well trained in the process. This combination of services allows them to provide high quality and low cost solutions to their customers. You can be assured of personal attention to your needs and requirements when you go to them for their services. The customer always comes first with Cavalry Investments, LLC.     

Cavalry Investments is backed by three affiliates - Cavalry Portfolio Services, Cavalry SPV I and Cavalry SPV II – each of which play a different role in the firm. Cavalry Portfolio Services handles customer support providing customers with more than adequate assistance. Cavalry SPV I buys distressed consumer receivables. Their major  role in Cavalry Investments involves reviewing portfolios, getting bids done and passing them on to Portfolio Services which picks it up from there and works at taking it further. Cavalry SPV II does the purchasing of distressed consumer receivable portfolios.  Their role is to meet with the biggest creditors in the nation and make the buying of portfolios a reality. Thus far, they have handled portfolios from a whole range of sectors starting from telecommunications to finance. They pass them on to Cavalry Portfolio Services who take over making the journey forward a pleasure for the customer.

The types of receivables that Cavalry Investments buys is wide ranged.  They include among others, installment loans, commercial receivables, medical receivables, credit card receivables, telecom, utilities, auto charge-off's and deficiencies and unsecured revolving loans. Resolution Specialists at Cavalry Investments ensure that individual attention is given to each customer.

With a motto that proclaims –  ‘Cavalry to the rescue’, their mission is to come to the rescue of people who land in financial trouble.  The policy and functioning of Cavalry Investments is entirely geared toward helping people get out of their financial troubles affordably and get back on their feet. They ensure that you get personal attention and that your particular predicament is carefully  looked into so that they can come up with a solution that works for you With Cavalry Investments, you can trust that you are in safe hands.  

For all queries, write in to the Cavalry Investment’s New York office. The address is:

Cavalry Investment, LLC 
Hawthorne, NY 
P.O. Box 1030 
Hawthorne, NY 10532 

You can also call 866-434-2996 to reach them at their New York office.     


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