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Debt Destroy

Cavalry Investments, LLC is a firm that buys distressed consumer receivable portfolios. One of the trademarks of their business involves productive collection methodologies executed by staff who are well trained in the process. This combination of services allows them to provide high quality and low cost solutions to their customers.[ READ MORE ]

Access Receivables Management

Access Receivables Management is a debt collection agency which has developed innovative methods to do their work, is armed with experience and all set to take on the next challenge. They have experience in recovering dues for the commercial, dental, medical, insurance and education sector and have bagged quite a few awards for their excellent services. Read More >>

OSI Portfolio Services

OSI is a leading national company providing accounts receivables management services to their clients.  Company headquarters are located in St. Louis Missouri with operations in 25 states across the country as well as in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  OSI clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies. Read More >>

Debt Solutions Company Review

Debt Solutions is an online management resource company that assists consumers in finding local debt consolidation companies, debt settlement companies, credit counseling and attorneys to help them get out of debt.  Debt Solutions is based in Columbus, Ohio but assists consumers in all 50 states with their online information.  Debt Solutions has an extensive network of debt reduction service providers. Read More >>

Debtors Calling at Work

Efforts to collect debts by creditors are often relentless.  The horror stories about the various Tactics and methods used by debt collection agencies for the purposes of collecting a debt are countless.  Those that have been subjected to these calls know that they can be both embarrassing and often times almost unavoidable. Read More >>

Debt Relief No-Profit Organization

Many Americans are struggling with a high level of debt.  Credit card debt, mortgage loans and car payments are consuming the incomes of many families.  This can quickly get out of control resulting in people struggling to make ends meet.  When this happens  it becomes natural to look for help in the form of debt relief companies.  Before doing so you should understand the difference between "for profit" and non-profit organizations. Read More >>

American Debt Negotiators Inc.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), American Debt Negotiators, Inc. is listed as a credit counseling and management services corporation.  They are located at 11555 Heron Bay Blvd., Ste.200, Coral Springs, FL  33076.  Their contact phone number is (561) 483-7337, and their website is  Dave Barnea is the president of the corporation, Rick Post is the manager, and Daniel Post is listed as the Secretary/Treasurer.  American Debt Negotiators began operation on January 1, 2004. This company is not accredited by the BBB. Read More >>

Debt Professionals of America

Debt Professionals of America (DPA) is a Texas-based debt settlement company, in business for 10 years, and claiming settlements of over $26m in unsecured debt for approximately $11m, an average saving of 43%.  DPA has a very professional-looking web presence. It is immediately apparent when viewing their web page, that credibility and transparency were important objectives in establishing their on-line interface with the consumer. Read More >>

Collections Agency Credit Report

Incurring debts you can’t handle will eventually catch up to you. By not satisfying debt obligations and making timely payments, your credit score will begin to suffer, making it harder to stay on financial track down the road. Read More >>

Suttell and Associates

Suttell and Associates is a collections firm specializing in past due accounts. They are based in Washington state but handle collection accounts across the country. Like many collection agencies, Suttell and Associates have been reported as practicing unfair collection acts and violating the laws when collecting on accounts.  Read More >>

Simms Associates, Inc.

Simms Associates, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation founded by Greg, Jeff, and Brad Simendinger in July 1, 1991.  Their business address is 800 Pencader Drive, Newark, DE 19702. Gregory L. Simendinger, President is listed with the Delaware Better Business Bureau as the principal.  They are registered as a Collection Agency.    Read More >>

Making Payments to Collection Agencies

So you are in a financial slump.  With the current state of the economy, many people are there now too.  Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse, debt collectors begin calling and harassing you on the phone. Who are these callers and how did they find you? Read More >>

Collectcorp Collection Services

Providing debt recovery services since 1978, Collectcorp Corporation boasts public and private sector clients in Canada and the United States.  Offering third party recoveries, first party outsourcing, skip trace programs to banks, governmental agencies and private companies.   Read More >>

Javitch Block Rathbone Collections

Javitch, Block and Rathbone, LLP is a predominant Ohio based law firm that specializes in collections.  They are the fourth largest collection law firm in the country.  Their offices are located in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio and they service a three state radius including Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Most often their clients include banks and credit unions, department stores, credit card companies, medical billing companies, insurance companies and rental companies. Read More >>

Midland Funding Collections

Midland Funding, LLC is an incredibly popular search term. A recent search of Google for "Midland Funding, LLC" showed 2,270,000 results, the first several pages of which were accounts of problems with Midland Funding, LLC and results of court cases. Read More >>

How Debt Collection Agencies Collect Fees

Debt settlement is the process in which a creditor agrees to accept less than the full amount owed, but considers the debt cleared.  The debt settlement companies we see advertised in print and on TV claim to negotiate reductions of up to 50 percent.   Read More >>

Allied Interstate

Allied Interstate is headquartered in West Palm Beach Florida and has been in operation for some thirty years. It has received an F ranking the Better Business Bureau who states, ”We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as: Read More >>

Debt Collection Laws

If you are behind in payments and the debt collectors are beginning to call, you might want to educate yourself on what actions bill collectors legally can and cannot perform. Before outlining the do’s and don’ts, it is important to recognize most debts expire at some period of time. Check your state’s statute of limitation for details specific to you. Read More >>

Filing Bankruptcy On Your Own

Once you’ve determined that inevitably you must file for bankruptcy, you must now decide if you need the services of an attorney and which chapter of bankruptcy you must file under. Each chapter of bankruptcy filing process varies. Read More >>

Collection Calls at Work

Debt collections is an aggressive business that is being more carefully monitored but still it persists that some collection agents are prone to using any tactic to get your attention, including calling your during work hours at your place of business. Obviously, no one wants to deal with harassing phone calls at any time but the calls that come into work are not only annoying, they can ultimately lead to problems at your job. Read More >>

Frequently Asked Questions about Debt Collectors

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a debt collector is any company or person with the business purpose of collecting debts that are owed to others. Debt collectors may be collection agencies, companies that buy debts from other businesses and then attempt to collect the money, and lawyers who collect debts regularly. The FTC is a consumer protection agency that is responsible for enforcing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under this act, consumers are protected against collectors using abusive, deceptive or unfair practices in their efforts to collect money from you. Read More >>

How to Stop Debt Collector Harrassment

There are some debt collectors who take their jobs very seriously, but completely ignore regulations designed to protect consumers. They will do or say just about anything to get their clients (debtors) to repay their debts. Read More >>

Debt Collections: Stop the Phone Calls

There is nothing worse than receiving a phone call from a collections department every twenty minutes throughout the day. You know the feeling when your phone rings, and you know before checking the caller ID who it will be! Many people just stop answering their phone completely, or will go to great lengths to make it difficult for the debt collectors to call them. Read More >>

Debt Collections: How to Pay of Accounts in Collections

Next to bankruptcy, having an account in collections is the worst entry you can have on your credit report. It will lower your score, and make it difficult- if not impossible- to obtain new credit. Creditors realize that if you have an account in collections that it went unpaid for a long period of time, and it makes them fear that if they lent you money they would not receive payments on time, either. Read More >>

Use the Statute of Limitations of Debt to Your Advantage

Debt collectors do not have an indefinite period of time to continue trying to collect payments from old debts.  There is an “expiration date”, called the Statute of Limitations, that prevents debt collectors and/or the original lender, from pursuing you for the rest of your life on old debts. Read More >>