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How To Break The Cycle of Debt

 Fighting The Debt Demons - Posted: 3/15/2009
Most people don't wake up one morning and suddenly realize they are in too deep. Debt normally creeps up on you similar to those pesky pounds on the scale. Similar to losing weight, you won't find an easy way out of debt. It will require self sacrifice, hard work, discipline and acceptance of the fact that you didn't get in this position overnight and you won't get dig yourself out overnight as well. While many people would prefer to stick their head in the sand and pretend the problem doesn't exisit, ignoring your financial situation will only make it worse. The following steps can make it easier to face your debt demons and get rid of them once and for all.

Educate yourself. You don't have to pick up a course at the community college to learn the basics of personal finance. There is an endless supply of articles, blogs and personal finance websites that offer a wealth of information that can help you on your journey to become debt free.

Look at the big picture. Most people are well aware of the fact that saving money and investing in your future is the best way to live a financially secure life. The problem with people living with debt is the fact that it is almost impossible to see the big picture when you are struggling each day to pay your bills. It is not until you come to terms with the fact that until you break the cycle of debt you will never be able to achieve your financial goals.

Face the facts. Before you can attempt to tackle your debt you need to sit down and determine where exactly you stand. You cannot develop a strategy to get out of debt until you know who and how much you owe. Take the time to gather all of your statements and calculate how much you owe, when the payments are due and the interest rate you are paying on each account.

Find the method that is right for you. There are many strategies for getting out of debt. From the snowball method to bankruptcy, each process is different. Your decision should be based on your own unique financial circumstances.

Stick with it. Once you have determined what method you are going to use, you have to stick to your guns and stay with the process. It may take some time to start seeing significant results however you can take pride in knowing that you are finally facing the reality of your situation and taking the appropriate steps to get out of debt. It may seem impossible to envision now, but once you have control over your finances again, you will be in a better position to not only save money but build wealth for your future.


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