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How to Organize Your Coupons

 I'm In Debt - Posted: 3/7/2009
I have tried about four different methods for organizing coupons, and while I probably could have made any one of them work it wasn't until I discovered a simple little organizer from Day Runner at Staples the other day that I was finally satisfied! 

If you're looking to save money grocery shopping, you absolutely need to find a system of organizing your coupons that works for you.  If you don't believe coupons make a difference, check out the details of this experience that shows you really can save money using coupons.

Previously, I had tried the expanding file-folder type, but when I wanted to check the coupons while shopping, I always had a hard time finding the one I wanted because the accordion would literally close up around my hand every time!  Yes, I know.  It shouldn't be such a big deal, but when you're shopping in a hurry and you just want to find your coupon, these little annoyances matter!

I had also tried keeping my coupons organized at home in a full size binder with page protectors.  I liked that I wasn't clipping every coupon, simply pulling out the page from the fliers and sliding it into the page protector, but I didn't like that it created an additional step or two in the coupon process.  Once I filled my page protectors with the coupon fliers, when it came time to make my shopping list and go shopping, I had to pull them back out, cut out the coupons I wanted, slide the rest back in, and then still needed another coupon organizer to use at the store during the shopping trip itself.  

I tried using a plastic file box, designed for 3x5” index cards.  I separated them with index cards that I physically created those little “tabs” on the top to designate my coupon categories (yeah, I guess I have too much time on my hands sometimes).  This was my worst attempt because once you slide your coupons into the plastic box, into the appropriate category, the first time you move the plastic box they all seem to slide out and get mixed up at the bottom (and underneath the index card file tabs I created!)  

So what's the big deal about the Day Runner coupon organizer?  It's so SIMPLE, I can't believe I didn't figure out a way to make it myself!  It's a spiral bound notebook, about 7x4 in size, with sturdy cardboard-like pages.  On each page is a pocket, and on each pocket is the name of the category.  Mine includes categories for your shopping list, receipts, baking, beverages, breakfast and cereals, canned goods, cleaning and laundry, dairy, frozen foods, meats, paper products, pasta and rice, personal care, pet supplies, snacks and candy, and other.

It's the perfect size to slide into my purse so I always have it with me.  The coupons can be clipped and placed into the appropriate pockets and you can quickly see what you have in each category with a few flips of the pages and either pulling out the coupons for the category or just rifling through them with your index finger.  The coupons stay put!

I found my Day Runner coupon organizer at Staples for $7.99, but I have also seen the exact same organizers with different cover images made by other companies online for the same price or less.


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