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To tell you the truth, it's really no competition. Of course the winner of this epic battle will always be saving. But let me share with some good points when it comes to saving: 1. It's the ultimate tip to building your money. 2. It's the most reliable method of keeping what you've worked so hard...
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To tell it to you straight, it's sad that the revenue program has come to its end and I just joined recently. However I do share your sentiments that a lot of people here have certainly abused that revenue so I'm not complaining about the decision you did. It seems you've had a terrible time on your...
Hi rarity, I think that money isn't everything and that money isn't the only way to fulfill your needs on this world. Sure, you can say that you can't have food, water and shelter without money but sometimes, you can have that without the need for money. People always find ways to cope with their pr...
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