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This is my dream, to be rich, save and be debt free. Right now my priority is to be debt free. I have been following a lot of debt relief tips, mostly from this site, Destroy Debt, and a lot of them proved to be helpful. Hopefully in less than a year I would be debt free. No more aggressive phone ca...

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i also pay attention to the prices, but of course i still pay attention to its quality. i will not sacrifice the health and safety of my family just to save a few dollars. quality still comes first.
yes, you can really save a lot when you buy by the bulk. your saving the environment to. Instead of buying shampoos in sachet, buy in bottles. imagine how many non-biodegradable shampoo sachets you use in a month compared to bottled shampoo, that will add up so much  to the earths waste.
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i guess your right about being able to pay off your debts by loaning. but this could lead to problems if not properly planned. i guess you should re-access and study things thoroughly.
nice tips there. i am currently involving myself to online money making opportunities. hopefully i would earn a lot from this.