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UK DEBT ADVICE (Guest) - Saving is one way to get out of debt. Please also do visit my site for information about UK Debt Advices...
Cyrix (Guest) - Dept consolidation is the answer. Check out:
Cyrix (Guest) - Dept consolidation is the answer. Check out: Help to get out dept
CDA (Guest) - Are you overwhelmed with HIGH INTEREST RATES that make it difficult to reduce your balances with minimum payments? If you are in a situation where you feel that you cannot and will not be able to pay back your debt, don’t worry, there are programs out there that can cut your debts in half and reduce your monthly payments by up to 50%...........You should never be ashamed to seek help, no matter your reason for being in debt and no matter how much debt it is. Millions of Americans are struggling with their debts right now; that is why Congress has passed new legislation to keep creditors from taking advantage of consumers.  Contrary to what your creditors will tell you, there are options out there for you.  Don’t consider bankruptcy until you’ve looked at all of your options.  There are companies set up to explain these options to you, FOR FREE.  One of them is Consumer Debt Advisors (, they’ll let you know what option is best for you and offer a free consultation to see if you qualify.  Don’t feel trapped or let the creditors control you, call Consumer Debt Advisors at 877-548-5403 or try them online at  Their website has a lot of information about what alternatives there are to bankruptcy or paying the 25% interest the creditors are charging you.
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Kim_Mango (Guest) - These are great ideas and reminders!

In your article you said:

"Use cash for better budgeting, and stop using debit cards and credit cards."

I have been on a four month writing assignment for Mango Money, a prepaid debit card,  Originally, I wasn't sure how such a card was going to be useful to me since I'm out of debt, I have a checking account, and I have a decent credit rating.

I decided to use my Mango Money card in place of my spending money.  Instead of taking out cash each week, I simply load that money onto the card.  It's a lot safer than carrying cash around and it helped me budget this money a lot better.

Now that I've gotten used to it, I feel more in control of my spending money. 


boatchick - some good tips.  I wish this site would limit solicitations by guest posters.  We all have a common  goal to get out of debt so why are these people allowed trying to cause us more.
David Michaels (Guest) - I found a great website that has taught me in simple terms how to budget correctly. You can go to the website and the membership includes a free budgeting tool as well. I have been using the guide Mr Johnson created for about 5 months now and have been able to pay off 3 of my 7 credit cards! It’s so simple to understand and to use what he provides, I highly recommend his online book, and free budgeting tools.
Credit Builder -

Please Contact Me If You Need Anymore Info
kenyantykoon (Guest) - but there are some good debts- like a mortgage on a rental property that the tenants pay you more than the monthly payments and the expenses on that property. this means that you will  be making money from something that is perceived by many to be bad- i do this and it works
winchester - We only bring cash whenever we shop so that we can monitor our expenses. I have read some very helpful tips here. Thanks.
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ajamiro - This helps me a lot...Thanks
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tazar - good information, thank for share
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clint anthony - a debt-free life is the best kind of life there is..its really good to be reading tips on how to keep yourself above waters when debts are drowning you to death..its a very nice topi actually which people of all ages would like to hear
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Spadewell (Guest) - On your spreadsheets you need two.

One spread sheet is the basics: insurance, utilities, gas, groceries. Column listings:(5)  transaction item,  payment amount, balance, cost per year, how to lower costs ideas. Below these columns total each expence for: payments per month, balance and year costs. Next a total line for the amounts on the begining date. Next line the difference between the present amounts and the begining amounts.

The most important column is the amounts paid per month the lower this is the more money is availible for the balance amounts owed. If this amount drops $200 a month you have not saved $200 you have saved $2400. My per month payments dropped $446.96 x 12 months allowing me $5363.52 per year to apply to my balances. Ideas: My best were to shop all insurance costs, Utilities by changing providers you can get start up deals change again in 12 months if needed, use your most fuel effecient car for all driving and schedule all use (that alone saved me $1200 year) stop all monthly storage payments sell everything you can so it all fits at your residence use the proceeds to pay off balances.

Second most important column is the ideas to lower costs per month year It is how I cut costs $446.96 per month and paid off $2641.80 in 2 months.

Spreadsheet number 2 is the non basics: store credit cards, bank cards, auto loans, mortgage, educational & all other: You need the same 5 columns listed above in the basics plus 3 more. Interest rate, credit limit, % of credit limit used. You need the same totaling lines as in the first spreadsheet. Payments per month, balances, & year totals. The goal is to eliminate everything in this spreadsheet. Arrange this spreadsheet so all items are from smallest balance to the largest balance. Pay off all of the smallest balances first regardless of what you have heard in the past and no matter what the interest amount is. You don't have to pay them off in exact order but the lowest are the easiest (car leases you may have to keep till they mature I have one but I haven't paid it of yet I skipped and went to the next balance) I took the money from my sale of excess items from above and paid of a 3.9 % car loan instead of my credit cards. Why?

The $365 per month added to the $106 a month I was paying on 3 store and 3 bank credit cards I paid off added up to $470.88 month x 12 months = $5650.56.

This leaves me with a Auto loan, a Auto lease, a Educational loan, a maxed out  low interest bank card, a maxed out low interest line of credit account, and my mortgage payment. But with Basic expence of $446.96 and Credit expence of $470.88 per months of less payment amounts ($11014.08 per year) This is now income I can apply to the accounts. First to go will be my $8300 ed loan that I now have the income to pay off in 9 months. Second is car lease that matures in 13 months. That allows me to have ($14995.57 total per year) I will not be paying out in payments per month.

So in 14 months I will down to 1 mortgage payment, 1 car payment, 1 line of credit payment, 1 bank card AND $14995.57 more money per year to pay them off with.

If you are in the credit hole my best advice is to stop digging and find dirt to start filling the hole in. Remember it is the monthly payments you need to get rid of not the high balances or interest rates that will give you the money you need to pay off the high balances and high interest rates. My best ideas were to not charge anything new this allowed me to pay off 6 cards and paying off my last 3 car payments eliminating monthly payments.

Other Ideas: I will use any that you have that will help. Hope mine have helped you.

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chez - This blog is full of insights that will help us be debt free and hopefully lead us to financial freedom.  Currently I practice the concept of income minus savings and the remainder of the income for life's little extravagances.
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startsurvey - Yes, if you can't afford to clear your debts then its surely not advisable to invest in other commodities, also it's very important to plan how you are going to clear off your debts at the beginning of each month.
- These are definitely some good tips. It's just a matter of being able to implement some of them.
Number1Femme - Careful budgeting can really get many of us out of debt. We can also cut out unimportant expenses. For example, do we really need to go to the movies every week? Do we really need two cars? Do we really need new shoes every month? Do we really need a manicure every week?
For more help, people should see a financial adviser which will and should probably be available at most banks.
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moonchild117 - i agree with all of these tips. one thing i also learned is to have a lot of self-discipline to control spending so that you won't end up always in debt. i think that's the first and hardest step to take, but once you've had the discipline, overcoming debt would be a bit smoother.
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Have a great day.
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But I applied my credit card several days ago, I don't want to but I have to, I don't have money in cash. I need borrow money form it.  


- - I'm already spending less, you know food is addictive
- Well, credit card is good as paypal and money making on internet will not be possible
- What plan? I'm all day long at work, braking my bones and head for lousy money
- Yeah, sure
I'm too depressed to write more...
shinkai03 - Great work! 2 thumbs up!
- A good article for debt free life.....Many points are so worth like "create plan to get out of debt for better results than just sending money to your accounts randomly."
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Cfrance - Great ideas and information in this article thanks for it all. I have created a plan but events with job and where I live have held me back a little but I am not giving up .
WoolF - very well pointed tips...these guidelines can really make a difference in the amount of debt you own ;)
Debbie - MdImranHossain - if your earnings aren't covering your expenses you have 2 choices: you need to earn more money, or reduce your expenses.

 Even when it seems like we can't reduce our expenses any more, chances are there is something else we can go without or downgrade.

Sometimes it means working 2 or 3 jobs temporarily... don't increase your expenses when you start paying debt off either, or else you wasted your time and energy working so much.
Taface412 - Years ago when i started repaying my debts that I accrued during college I had no idea what to do and I think by the process of elimination I began using most of these tactics. It's nice to know that others find these tips helpful and especially those who are beginning to face the debt.  For those beginners these tips are helpful, painful and scary at first but helpful.
Rick@Debt Guru (Guest) - Debt is I think one of the most evil things this country.  The people in debt are not necessarily bad, but the debt itself is because it can create despair - the opposite of hope.  Without hope people will not change.  Look for short term successes to build hope as you get yourself out of debt.

If you can, consolidate your debt with an <a href="">unsecured credit card debt consolidation</a> loan.  
- Very use full tips by considering them we can definatly earn something.Thx for sharing this good article.
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Caren (Guest) -
MdImranHossain - Thats right that if I can spend less than I earn. I can save the rest money. It is really impossible for me to reduce my currently spends but my earning is less than my budget. For this I have to borrow some money every month.

Yeah the better to use cash but when it has risk to carry out cash here in my country and sometimes when I going for outdoor tasks I forget to take sufficient cash money then A debit card is the best friend.

Planing may be the best but I am planning for last 10 years but failed to save some from my earning. When my earning can cover my expences then how can the planning help me?

Thanks all


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