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Debt Destroy

Eric Berman, P.C. is a group of attorneys specializing in bankruptcy law, consolidating debt and legal services across the country.    On July 22,2009 New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed suit against Berman, 34 other law firms and two debt collectors for failure to properly notify consumers of pending legal action regarding debt collection.[ READ MORE ]

Credit Counseling and Debt Management

With so many companies offering services to help consumers get out of debt it is easy to become overwhelmed by your options. An important step in eliminating debt is first finding the method of elimination that best suits your needs. Before making any hasty decisions you must first examine how each company and process works to avoid choosing the wrong strategy. Read More >>

Get Out of Debt Tips

Everywhere you look there are guides for getting out of debt and step by step processes you can follow to help you get your finances in order. On, we've given a number of methods for getting out of debt, along with the step by step details – in this article, we're going to give you a number of TIPS to eliminate debt. They aren't in any order, and it's not a step by step guide, but you should find ideas for getting out of debt here Read More >>