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Debt Destroy

Excessive debt is suffocating; like a dark cloud in cartoons, debt hangs gloomily over your head and affects nearly every aspect of your life. Anytime you think the situation is under control, another bill arrives; like always, due to late fees, it’s double the amount you were anticipating.[ READ MORE ]

Debt Settlement Produces More Welfare than Credit Counseling

“Debt Settlement Produces More Welfare than Credit Counseling” – Franklin Debt Relief to FTCA new report submitted by Franklin Debt Relief’s CEO, Robert Zangrilli, to the FTC shows that debt settlement benefits consumers more than credit counseling, and in fact, consumers who use credit counseling lose more money in non-refundable payments than they save based on industry statistics. Read More >>

Non Profit Debt Relief Organizations

Non-profit debt relief organizations offer the same services as profit-based debt relief organizations. The difference is that their operations are run on charity based donations as well as government grants accessed through their non-profit status. To be certain that a debt relief organization is in fact a non-profit you can check the ‘About’ section of the company’s website. If the company is a non-profit it should clearly state as such on this page and it will refer to achieving IRS 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization status. Read More >>

Reducing Debt Fast Bailout

Millions of consumers are struggling each day to pay off high interest debt, with many of them falling farther and farther behind each month.  While it would be ideal if there was some sort of "magic" solution to this problem, the truth of the matter is this: each person is responsible for figuring out the best process for eliminating their high interest debt.  There is no bailout in sight for consumers, therefore you must closely examine the options that are available to pay off your debt balances and move on with your life.  One of the popular debt relief options available today that is often confused with some sort of government "bailout" is debt settlement. Read More >>

Obama Debt Settlement Program

The struggle with American debt continues. Bankruptcy continues to become a more frequently used alternative than ever before.  For some, bankruptcy is an easier option than struggling through the mounting bills that cannot be paid.  Reports show that the average American has more than one credit card regardless of their ability to pay them.  Read More >>

Government Help for Credit Card Debt Problems

The offers promising specialized government sponsored programs to get out of debt seem to multiply with every click of your mouse.  These offers promise immediate help from the burdens of mounting debt from credit cards.  Although the offers may seem like a valid solution to issues of debt, they are not valid options. These offers are nothing more or different than other credit card debt relief programs, other than the fact that they are being marketed with the word government tacked onto the title.  Read More >>

Federal Debt Relief System

Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) claims to offer debt relief education membership and began business May 20, 2005, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Soloman Bieber is the principal and manager. Two locations are shown for FDRS.  One office is located at 6362 Hollywood Boulevard, 4th Floor, Hollywood, CA 90028 with a telephone number of (877) 943-8600. Read More >>

Lower Monthly Credit Card Payments

The credit card industry has seen a lot of changes in the past several months.  Many cardholders have been struck by subtle minimum balance payment hikes, while others a more drastic increase from 2% of the principal outstanding to 4%. If you were struggling to keep up with payments before the increase, you might find yourself unable to meet the new minimum payment requirements.  On the other hand, if you can manage to meet the new payment, the credit card company might be doing you a favor. Without this nudge, it would have taken longer to repay your debt therefore increasing the amount of money repaid in the long run. Read More >>

Get Out Of Debt Tips

The recession is almost behind us but many consumers continue to struggle with high levels of debt.In order to avoid long term financial problems and begin the journey to financial independence it is imperative everyone focus on debt elimination.Getting out of debt is not as complex or confusing as many people believe, however it does require a certain degree of discipline and in some case sacrifice to be successful.Here are a few tips to help consumers get out of debt today. Read More >>

Settlement on Credit Card Debt

There are many different ways cash strapped consumers can eliminate their credit card debt. The best way to reduce debt while protecting the always important credit history we all value is through hard work and discipline. By paying your debt in full through additional payments and cutting unnecessary expenses you can feel pride in the fact that you eliminated your debt while fulfilling your financial obligations. Read More >>

Debt Settlement Can Increase Your Income – And the Amount of Income Tax You Owe

With more people struggling to pay their debts, there is an increase in the number of people who are looking to “settle” their debts with their creditors. A debt settlement is a process in which an individual, or a company acting on behalf of the individual, contacts their creditors to request a settlement amount that is less than the total balance owed. It is not unheard of for a successful debt settlement negotiation to result in the individual paying less than half of the total amount owed to fully repay their obligation to the creditor. Read More >>

What You Should Know about Debt Settlement Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Obtaining credit is getting increasingly difficult for Americans, particularly those with less than perfect credit histories and average or low credit scores. Also increasing are the number of people who fall into the “average” or “low” credit score category, as people everywhere seem to be struggling more financially. Read More >>

What is Debt Settlement and Is it Right For You?

If you're seeking an alternative to bankruptcy due to excessive debt that you can't pay, you may be considering debt settlement. Settling your debt is when you negotiate with your creditors to lower the amount you owe. Read More >>